NaNoWriMo: The mountain looms ever closer, ever taller

When the mountain (illustrated here by Steptoe Butte) starts looking mountainy. Photo by Michael McMullen. All Rights Reserved.

Today was the first day, after signing up, that I really felt nervous about the impending trek up the mountain that is National Novel Writing Month. Still, it wasn’t the word count or the time investment that is giving me the jitters. It’s my story!

Will it work? Does it make any sense? Can I even keep it interesting for the first 1,600 words let alone 50,000?! I’m looking at writing a comedy sci-fi and I’m nervous about the comedy turning soft and gimmicky. I also don’t want the lolz to get shoved aside and the novel to turn into, *Dramatic Chipmunk music*, a generic sci-fi.

I have contemplated switching stories, making it something I’m better at. Like, I dunno, an extremely long blog post about how much I like cats or the show Warehouse 13. I could be a “rebel” for my first NaNo, right? But alas, could I look at myself in the mirror come December 1st? I submit to you I could not.

So, I soldier on. Come November 1st, I will be looking at the first 1,500 words (haha….get it?) of my novel, Title Pending.

Besides, while the hike might be difficult at first the satisfaction of getting up there just can’t be beat.

The view from the top of Steptoe Butte. Photo by Michael McMullen. All Rights Reserved.

What are your thoughts heading into this, if you’re participating? Are you ready for the climb yet, or are you still trying to untangle the rope from last year when you just shoved it in your backpack? Sound off in the comments!

10 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo: The mountain looms ever closer, ever taller

  1. Sara H.

    Even if you veer off course of your story for a little while, it’s ok. I don’t even consider NaNo stories first drafts — They’re like pre-first drafts, if anything. The best thing about this is that you just run with whatever occurs to you and it doesn’t even have to be within the same universe of “correct” or whatever, this round. Just see what happens, try to tell your inner editor to shut up, and roll with it.

  2. Writer / Mummy

    I’ve already changed what I’m going to write about several times and we’re less than a day away… I was thrown a curveball by getting short-listed for a novel competition I wasn’t expecting to get anywhere with (my first time shortlisted for anything!). Have spent this week doing a final proof read and now I’m back in the groove and fancy writing the sequel to that!

    1. Michael McMullen Post author

      Congratulations! Best of luck to you on the competition!:)

      It has been very tempting for me to change what I’m writing, but I’m determined to stick with the story I have. The only reason is if I didn’t make a strong decision, I would still be trying to decide!

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